Personal Income Tax Return Submission
Income Year 2018-2019

Our survey suggests that 70% of self-submitted tax returns contain some sort of error, exposing the assessee to litigation risk from NBR. Additional tax claim may arise, you may have to pay more, and you may have to spend time with NBR authorities, etc. and all of this for what? Because you made a silly mistake unconsciously? So let us give you the professional assistance you need to protect your hard-earned money. “Help us to help you”

Our Fees:

Assessee whose income arises only from salary-

For a single assessee –                    BDT 4,000/- per return

For a group of 5-9 assessee –         BDT 3,000/- per return

For a group of 10-50 assessee –     BDT 2,500/- per return

For a group of 50+ assessee –        BDT 2,000/- per return

Note: This package is limited to the return submission acknowledgment certificate. If any assessee requires tax certificate we will charge additional BDT 1,000/- per return.

Note: Assessee whose income arises from house property and/or agricultural income in addition to salary is invited to get a quote from direct contact with our Practitioners.

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